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Calm Sea

Hey There!

We're The Playful Porpoise, a literary magazine for young writers by young writers with wild, unconventional imaginations! We plan to create a magazine that emphasizes experimental creative ideas from all sorts of young writers from across the globe and highlights the beauty of individuality and perspective. Everyone is welcome here!  

About The Magazine

The Playful Porpoise gets its name from the shy marine mammal that is often confused with a dolphin. Porpoises are elusive animals whose species' numbers are declining all over the world due to human activity. In fact, the vaquita, a small porpoise, is the most endangered cetacean, with only around 10 left in the world. 

Why are we named after this curious creature, you ask? It's because we wish to create a literary magazine for young writers that are just like porpoises: quiet, often unnoticed, and unique individuals. And thus, we became The Playful Porpoise, where all the strange and rare creativity of youth all over the globe is welcome to thrive and bloom under our protection. 

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