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How I get through Writers Block

This is one of the hardest disadvantages of being a writer is going through a spell of Writers Block. Writer's block to me is where I cannot continue writing something even if I had it outlined. I am currently working on my second book and it's been taking me a while to get things onto paper. It is a different writing style for me which will obviously contribute to this block.

One thing that helps me is just letting myself put anything into a journal. Doesn't matter the prompt, story, or message. It could be just a small rant or an entire book full of ideas. Then I read through this paper and pick out what I like or what I could continue on with. I highlight and have little annotations to just brainstorm ideas.

I definitely do recommend trying this and seeing if it works for you.

Short little blog today. Hope everyone is doing well.

-Skylar Mansfield

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