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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writing Prompts: Announcing our Issue II Writing Contest!

Hello Everyone!

First off, for the second issue of The Playful Porpoise literary magazine, we are holding a contest with the theme of Science Fiction and Fantasy! Submit any works that fall under these genres for a chance to win prizes and be published in our second issue :)

Are you looking for some inspiration for your next science fiction or fantasy story (maybe so you can submit it to our contest ;))? Look no further! Here is a list of writing prompts that are sure to get your creative gears turning. Take a look at the list and see which one speaks to you. Let your imagination run wild and see where the prompts take you!

  1. In a universe where time travel is possible, write a story about a character who goes back in time to prevent a tragedy, but ends up causing even more problems.

  2. Write a story about a character who discovers they are a reincarnated god from old myth, and must come to terms with the responsibilities and expectations that come with their divine identity.

  3. Robots have become sentient and are fighting for their rights in a human-dominated world. Write a story about a character who has to confront their own biases and beliefs when they are forced to work with a group of these robots.

  4. Write a story about a character who is chosen to be the hero in a prophecy to defeat an evil being. Except, this prophesized hero dies before they could even start their journey! Who takes their place?

  5. In a world where magic and technology coexist, write about a character who has to choose between the two when they are faced with a decision that could change the course of their world.

  6. Write poetry about a character who has to choose between their duty to their kingdom and their own personal desires, from their perspective.

  7. In a universe where the events of the Salem witch trials were sparked by real witches, write a story about a character who has to confront the discrimination and persecution they face as a witch in 17th century America.

  8. Write a poem about discovering you/a character have/has the ability to control fire.

  9. Write a poem about a mermaid's longing to be able to walk on land.

  10. Write flash fiction or poetry about a character who has to confront their own fear of the unknown when they journey into a mysterious forest.

  11. Imagine a world where magic is real and can be accessed through certain rituals. Write about a character's journey to learn the ancient magic of their ancestors.

  12. Write about a character who has to confront their own darkness when they are granted the power of invisibility.

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