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The Porpoise Directorate

Founder & Editor in Chief

Mika Nitu

Mika Nitu is a high school senior passionate about philosophy, art, and literature. Mika is the Editor-in-Chief of the art & writing magazine at school and has had works recognized by the Scholastic Writing Awards. When not buried in schoolwork, you may find Mika writing, drawing, or reading classical and postmodern literature.


Sarah Riggs

Sarah Riggs (she/her) is an aspiring author with many story ideas living in her head. Everything from twisted Little Mermaid retellings to light-hearted small-town romances. She is currently on her third draft of writing her book, Fresh Starts, with many others currently being outlined. When she’s not writing, we can find her at the ballpark watching baseball, or at home, playing fetch with her cat, Boop.


Lance Seung

Lance Seung is a storyteller based out of New York's Hudson Valley. This autumn, he will have earned a BFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. His background in digital filmmaking and stage production with his passion for world history and literature have led him to develop a unique writing voice with theatrical and poetic language. Aside from writing short fiction for classes, he is currently working on the first draft of his debut novel. 

Graphic Designer

Sophia Wang

Sophia Wang is a Canadian high schooler passionate about all forms of art. She is the co-founder of a book club at her school and runs a writing account on Instagram (@fya.heathers_writes). She enjoys boba milk tea, watching dawns and dusks, and listening to music. When not tackling her academic responsibilities, she can be found reading, writing, doodling, painting, or working out.


S. Elise

S. Elise is a Canadian-American student and writer from Ohio, first published at age fifteen by the Wexner Center for the Arts. She also runs a writing advice account on Instagram (@adella.writes). Past career highlights have included collaborating on the Pages Anthologies 2020-present with Ohio State University and being on the behind-the-scenes team of an MG fantasy novel. While not writing, reviewing her friends' writing, or procrastinating about writing, S. Elise loves exploring her passion for history. She also enjoys drinking tea, listening to opera (or any music under the sun), and annoying her younger brothers.


Amelia Bacchus

Hi, I'm Amelia Bacchus (she/her). I am 19 years old and from New York City. Writing has been a passion for me ever since a young age and has become a way to express myself freely, which is why I love to do it! I went to a journalism-based middle and high school for the past 7 years, which has further fueled my interest in becoming a writer. I also have a love for all sports, which is why I’m trying to pursue sports journalism in college and get into that specific field.

Project Manager

Chloe Taena Chun

Chloe Taena Chun is a senior in Arizona. Her passions include philosophy and the study of culture. In her free time, you can catch her practicing for speech and debate and painting photos of breakfast.

Social Media Manager

Hope Noelle Smith

Hope Noelle loves to read, create, and analyze literature. Her favorite genres are Gothic, Renaissance, and Bildungsroman, and she chairs her school's Shakespearean committee. Passionate about words' role in creating liberatory futures, Hope participates in Speech & Debate, Mock Trial, and is President of her National Charity League class. Visit her Medium profile to see or request her work.

Blog Contributor

Kenny George

Kenny George is a high school junior in Pennsylvania. He began writing in the second grade and has been addicted ever since. While known chiefly for his love of Sylvia Plath’s poetry, Kenny is also passionate about music, pastries, books, coffee, and ethics.


Faythe Flynn

Faythe Flynn is a junior at Manhattanville College getting her BA in English with a concentration in Literature. She edits for blogs, journals, and currently a memoir. Faythe is also an active collaborator in her community for local businesses and independent artists.


Akeem Bond Jr.

Akeem is 19 years old and from Savannah, Georgia. With a full cup of W. Shakespeare, a tablespoon of Edgar A. Poe, and a dash of Edmund Spenser, thus began his writing journey. Akeem’s work has been published and featured in several anthology series. He is now building up his portfolio to be a freelance writer and earning his credentials to be a fitness trainer. In his free time, you can find him running around a park, working out in his garage, procrastinating on his WIPs, watching anime, or reading novels and mangas.


Mikayla G.

When her nose is not in her academic studies, you can find Mikayla being a loving dog mother and participating in after-school clubs ranging from debate to National Art Society. She is also a junior in high school, graduating early to get a head start on life. Outside of school, she likes to read a variety of content, write, edit, play games, draw, and paint. She’s been writing since she was ten years old and it has always been a personal passion of hers, loving the satisfaction that came from bringing characters to life as well as world-building.


Talia Udelman

Talia is a high school junior who enjoys reading, writing, and everything in between. Her Latin studies have earned her national praise, and she has received the College Board Hispanic Recognition Award for her academic prowess. When not editing for the Playful Porpoise, Talia can be found acting on the stage or playing with her dog Murphy.

Blog Contributor

Skylar Mansfield

Skylar Mansfield is a college sophomore pursuing creative writing and psychology. They are a published author working on their second and third books, and they mostly write poetry!

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