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All contributors to our magazine are featured here! 

Issue I: 

Adrija Jana

Adrija Jana is a passionate creative writer based in India. She mostly creates poetry based on her personal experiences as well as social issues she is passionate about.


Her work mostly revolves around protesting against period poverty and advocating for freedom of choice, apart from emotional self-lived experiences. She is inspired by the minutiae of everyday life and writers such as Margaret Mitchell and Nayyirah Waheed.


Apart from being a writer, Adrija is also a Spoken Word Artist, Theatrecian, Filmmaker, and creative researcher, and all her work is woven together by common themes. You can reach out to Adrija or read more about her work on her Instagram account- @adrija_jana2004

Isha Gandi

Hi! I’ve loved reading and writing ever since I was in elementary school, and I’ve always wanted of publishing a book. I’m also a musician, and I play piano and sing. I love writing fantasy stories, and one day, I hope to do so for YA!

Jiayi Shao

Jiayi Shao is a high school senior in Toronto, Canada. Her previous work has been recognized by the Louisville Review, TeenInk, and Polar Expressions Publishing, among many others. When she is not writing, she likes to jog along new trails with her friends, dance in front of cameras, and contemplate existential matters, as do most teens.

Alexa VanDam

Alexa VanDam is a 16 year old writer and high school student who hope to pursue a degree in English.

Alanna Hansmann

Alanna Hansmann is a 19 year old poet who lives in Lehi, UT. She has been writing poetry since she was little, and believes words have immense power. Her mother & partner are her biggest supports, and she is grateful for the color they give to her life. She hopes her work made you feel something.

Maya S. 

Maya is a sixteen year old, aspiring writer. She loves to write anything and everything during her free time and can often be found curled up with a novel. She enjoys nature and animals and lives for learning new things everyday.

Ali Eli

Ali is a young aspiring poet who uses their unique mental state as inspiration for their writing. From daily experiences with insomnia and schizophrenia, to past memories of foster care and poverty, Ali shows the truth of a world which isn't always the kindest. They are working to destigmatize mental illness and the reality of poverty through their writing.

Imagica Sheryl

Imagica Sheryl is a poet, writer, and graphic designing enthusiast who loves nothing more than a good anime and cream tea. When not writing, she can be seen learning new languages, reviewing novels, and immersing herself in pointless research. She is often seen spending time in libraries and cafes while listening to strangers' life stories. She is currently studying film and literature.

Kyria Blank

Kyria Blank, a teenage writer from Nigeria, finds pleasure in reading during their leisure time and writes whenever they feel inspired. They have diverse aspirations and find solace in creating various forms of art as a means of relaxation and unwinding.

Clara Reichwein

Clara started having an interest in writing as early as when she first learned how to. Alongside that, she also enjoys other artistic hobbies such as painting, even combining the two to attempt her hand at making a comic. Her hope is to in the future be able to have a job in the creative and artistic field.

August Hawley

August is a trans man from Michigan with a love for all the arts, but a bias to poetry. When he's not fervently writing one-liners in his notes app, you can also find him playing guitar and piano, sketching in ballpoint pen, or making a playlist.

Nyre Brown

Nyre Brown is a teenage writer from the well-known and culturally rich country, Nigeria. They enjoy reading in their free time and whenever the motivation hits, they put their pen to paper. With many aspirations, this young writer looks to appreciating and making various forms of art for calmness and some downtime.

Sari Kitchen

Sari Kitchen is a Canadian-American author and poet. Diagnosed with multiple anxiety disorders at a young age, she learned to always listen to and appreciate those who saw the world differently. Writing to cope, Sari was first published by OSU's Wexner Center for the Arts at age fifteen and has since been involved with writing workshops across the country, notably with mentorship from Brazilian poet Aline Mello.

Claudette Jones

Claudette Jones is the author of a variety of works including the poem short story, "The Victorian Room of Pleasant Causality" Being involved with digital arts, creative writing, and a variety of play/musical performances- Claudette hopes to strengthen her writing career and have many people enjoy what she can craft together. Though still a beginner - she believes that with enough food for thought- her works will be read analytically and enjoyed for many to come.

Leslie Soriente

Leslie Soriente is a college student in Virginia. She is double majoring in accounting and creative writing. While she has no works currently published, she primarily writes fiction or mystery. She is also known to dabble in poetry and nonfiction.

Lindsay Pelliccia

Lindsay is a senior English major at Temple University and found of Contemporary Jo literary magazine.

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